Operational Support


At Comtrade Gaming, we offer a 24/7 operational support service to our customers for all gaming solutions. Our customer service department is designed with the customer in mind, therefore we promote long-term partnerships.

Our instant customer support services can assist you with issues that include

Pre-live system and operation setup

  • Installation and configuration of all software components
  • Setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting

Help Desk

  • Coordination and management of issues
  • Central point of contact by telephone or e-mail
  • Call logging and monitoring of all help desk calls
  • Telephone assistance for analysis and description of faults
  • Allocation of fault category and resolution process
  • Remote login using different ways for diagnostics and corrections
  • Provision of monthly status reports on help desk call logs
  • Initiate and manage an Emergency support calls to 3rd party support

Operating Systems Support

  • Maintenance of OS environment according to system requirements, coordinating changes in OS environment, IP, and firewall plan according to system software needs
  • Controlled application of system reliability and security updates for system and relevant 3rd party software according to software vendor and system software requirements

Database support and maintenance

  • Monitoring of database included in a system, system upgrades, major changes, performance issues and optimization
  • Regular database maintenance
  • Managing all security aspects of system on database system level

Online gaming platform (software) support

  • Online gaming platform application level monitoring
  • Performing application maintenance upon request or as regular maintenance tasks
  • Performing data and system analyses
  • Provision of Business Continuity Plan and disaster recovery plan in cooperation with third parties
  • System performance analyses
  • Deployment of SW patches and major iGaming system upgrades