iCore – The Enterprise Gaming Platform


iCore is an online gaming platform for enterprise-level operators who need to manage omni-channel gaming and products. iCore simplifies omni-channel gaming to ensure a unified view of all player activity and automated bonusing for fantastic customer experience.

All of this is possible due to iCore’s seamless wallet which records all player activity, giving the operator full control in steering every player’s life-cycle in the right direction.


Innovative bonusing and player engagement features across all channels


Complete automatization, fast integrations and configuration possibilities


Build to handle high load of traffic

Icore diagram.

Superior player engagement

Bonuses and prizes are awarded through operator branded games (called ‘Award games’) on achieved player milestones. Players are able to track their progress to their next Award game and interact with your brand when they get awarded a bonus or a prize.


Improved omni-channel experience

As an omni-channel platform, iCore is capable of tailoring the channel player experience, and the majority of the features are built with mobile and tablet in mind. This reflects in various features ranging from specific mobile portal player account dashboards to a mobile game offering engine which speeds-up the login to game play time.


Advanced sportsbook support

iCore is not just another online casino platform. It can centrally manage multiple products and suppliers, and sportsbook and betting software support are no exception. Operators are able to perform rich player segmentation based on sportsbook play and events in order to offer a more tailored bonusing and messaging campaigns with the latest version.

Comtrade Gaming iCore, The Enterprise Gaming Platform delivers the following business benefits

Control and Choice Back to the Business

  • Built-in integrations to leading 3rd party suppliers
  • Fast integration of any product or provider
  • Control and manage your player data in-house
  • Enables cross sell between channels and products
  • Built-in multi-brand support with country adapters for regulated markets
  • Independent platform with no lock-in to a specific vendor
  • Single view across all products and channels

Single player profile results in a superior customer service

  • Engagement features increase lifetime value and reduce client churn
  • Real-time messaging and bonuses which are awarded during gameplay
  • Game offering engine based on player behaviour
  • Centralized bonusing, loyalty, and CRM

Steven Valentine

Chief Commercial Officer

Blažka Svoljšak