iCore – CRM For Casino Operators


An omni-channel CRM that integrates into land-based systems to ensure centralized player intelligence with single customer profiles and by launching smart promotions based on customer habits and preferences.

  • Integrates all customer spending and behavioral data across multiple touchpoints and channels
  • The Award Engine evaluates eligibility in real-time and issues rewards in the form of bonuses, loyalty and/or prizes
  • Alerts casino personnel for player interaction on the casino floor through a dedicated mobile interface (greet player or award comps)
  • Displays all activity information via pre-defined customer pages on web or mobile app to monitor recent offers, messages, prizes and loyalty updates
  • Campaigns and targeted offers are communicated via multi-channel messaging using e-mail, SMS, web or push messages
Icore for casino diagram.

Steven Valentine

Chief Commercial Officer

Blažka Svoljšak