iCore – Bonusing


The iCore Engage bonus system is designed to empower operators with omni-channel player engagement features, while preserving the operator’s investments into eWallet and system infrastructures.

  • Effective steering of a player’s lifecycle by responding to the player’s gambling activity in an online or multi-channel setting and delivering promotions while players are still engaged in gameplay. This also ensures increased average player spending.
  • Cross-selling between products and channels regardless of the content supplier by attracting and rewarding the player’s migration. This allows for better optimization of returns from marketing investments.
  • High personalization and optimization of web and mobile portals with central product configuration and content management. This enables enriched customer experience.
  • Protection of an operator’s investments into existing eWallet solutions by non-intrusively integrating with the existing system, application infrastructure, and player-data.
ICore Engage diagram.

Steven Valentine

Chief Commercial Officer

Blažka Svoljšak